Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Teacher Blog?

So...I know that there are tons of amazing teaching blogs out there already. I get it, who has time to follow another one? Hopefully you do! I am interested in learning, creating, and sharing ideas with you, teachers and non-teachers alike. 

I created, The Classroom of Progress in hopes of hosting a community of learners. Also, this gives me a break when I don’t feel like cutting lamination, grading papers, or creating lessons. WELCOME to this, my first real blog.  

I really hope to become better at blogging so that I can selfishly keep up with my journey in the classroom. All selfishness aside, I hope to motivate myself and others to grow and keep progressing in the classroom! The more the merrier. I hope to keep this blog focused on the use of technology, along with new and different methods for the classroom.This blog; it just might not work out. But...I hope it does! 

Today in class, we read about the history of inventions. Did you know that without failed inventions we would not have Post-It-Notes, Velcro, or Microwaves? Without someone seeing past the failure in these ideas, it would be almost impossible for me to function in the classroom every day. Sometimes experiments turn out differently than we expected, but they still turn out.

How I wish I used Post-It-Notes
Image credit:Larry Wentzel

So here we go. Our experiential run of a new journey. dun, dun, DUN....Blogging. 

Welcome to The Classroom of Progress. I hope you have decided to stick around. There’s no telling how this might turn out. I'm sure it'll be a fun experience no matter what. I hope to eventually start sharing my own TPT freebies and real world giveaways with you. As I get going, I plan to share classroom spotlights with pictures. I always love seeing different themes, classroom setups, lessons, and how each teacher hides their clutter in such small spaces. 

Have you made it this far? Thank goodness, I promise more photographs in the next few posts to come. Sorry for the massive amount of reading required for a first post. If you've stuck around so far, you might as well stay connected. No pressure, but I'd love to see your lovely face in the comment section every once in a while. To follow the blog, click on the banners on the side to join the Facebook community, Pinterest board (my favorite), and Twitter. This way you can keep up with what’s happening around here. Here's to our great big beautiful tomorrow....

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sherrymc62 said...

I am your newest blog follower. :) I LOVE IT and can't wait to follow your journey!

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