Saturday, June 15, 2013

What does the classroom sound like? Part II

Part Two: Dance Party - Reward Playlist

I use the Whole Brain Thinking Scoreboard to motivate students as a whole group throughout the day. If students have more points on the smile side of the scoreboard, I host a 60-180 second dance party right before dismissal!

We work hard to stay on task throughout the day and earn that party, so I better be sure to pack some tunes to get them moving! Before we start, I always congratulate them for awesome behavior and make sure they realize how not every class earns a dance party! Then, we go over the rules.

Dance Party Rules:

1. Be smart! No crazy dance moves that might hurt you or someone else!
2. Keep your hands to yourself! 
3. Have FUN! You earned this party.

I often just start a Conga-style line (doing the hustle move instead of putting hands on each other's shoulders!) If there is enough room and I can find a meter stick, I have two volunteers hold it up and the Conga-line turns into a Limbo line.

Artist: The Jackson 5
Song: ABC

The Jackson brothers can cheer anyone up! This is one of my favorite songs and children of all ages seem to know the lyrics. It's a really fun way to end the day and reward an awesome group of students. 

Artist: Will.I.Am, Jamie Foxx, & Anne Hathaway
Song: Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)
Album: Rio Soundtrack
I mentioned in Part I about looking for songs that wouldn't drive me crazy. I am really NOT a fan of Will.I.Am. I'm sorry if you are, but I'm just not into him. This doesn't mean that I won't listen to him for 3 minutes of the day if the kids like it. This one was requested by a student and later a principal told me that I should download it. I bought it from the iTunes store that day. It's a fun upbeat song that many kids like. I must admit that it's pretty fun.

Song: I Like to Move It, Move It
Album: Madagascar Soundtrack

This song has the word "sassy" in the lyrics. I have seen this song used in morning announcements and in school plays. Just wanted to let you know, in case that is a problem for you. Now that I have The Jackson 5, I hardly ever have to use anything else. It's always great to have backups. 

I also love the idea of using songs in different languages, I haven't done this yet but have researched a few that seem fun. What about these? :)

Song: Hanuka Matata (Spanish)

Maybe this one:
Song: It's a Small World (Mandarin Chinese)

Do you use dance parties as motivation for your classroom or child?

Now that you have all of these songs stuck in your head, you might as well start dancing too! I always find a place in the classroom to dance (which is me just raising the roof mostly). This pumps the kids up! They think Ms. McFall is super fun and I thank them for being so awesome and allowing me to join in on their dance party. ;)

Up Next: Get Up, Move On -  Transition Playlist


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