Thursday, July 2, 2015

Front Row seats PLEASE!

Here's a confession, I love to go see live music. I am married to a musician, and live in Music City, so luckily, our opportunity to go to concerts happen quiet often! 

I don't know about you, but if I'm going to a concert, I try to get front row seats, or at least try to sneak as close to the front that I can get if it's open seating. I was thinking about this when I started using Front Row in the classroom.

That's when my own real world experience hit me. . .maybe some of my students aren't getting everything they need because I can't always be there, front and center during independent/station learning time. I have rotations during math time, and this works great for our technology piece. We have 5 laptops that we are able to use in our class, but I also used this when I was in Kindergarten with 1 iPad! 

When I first stumbled upon Front Row - my mind automatically thought, "I have to share this!"

Let me introduce you to my favorite math rockstar: 

Students are getting quality differentiated common core instruction that is adaptive to their learning path. There is also a reteach option, videos, and other tools to help students meet their learning targets. The cool thing is this is a game! The "Piggy Store" where they can use the coins they make from answering correct answers to "buy" items for the cartoon pig. NOW it's very important to set your expectations before letting them play! If a child just clicks around and gets most wrong, they will still get SOME points but will have to do more problems like the first set, until they have shown mastery.

The REALLY awesome thing from a teachers standpoint is...DATA! I get a report for everyone and even an email from the Front Row team weekly. I can see who is struggling, who can be used as peer tutors, etc. Also, it can be used on computers or iPads!

I really suggest you and your grade level team sign up and check it out before setting the kids loose! DID I MENTION IT'S FREE? Also, parents can get updates as well.
Here is the video that I suggest you show the students before you start:

We had a long conversation about how independent works before everyone moved on.

I created this freebie for our end of the year review, looking back I will probably edit this to be more appealing and weekly based on what we are reviewing or learning that week. Let me know if you use Front Row in your classroom!


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