Monday, February 11, 2013

Freebie: Mini Field Trip Report!

I got to go on a field trip back in the day when I was a sub. WHAT A FUN DAY TO BE A SUB! I loved interacting with the teachers, parents, and staff at the place we visited. I absolutely love history so it was fun to see the students be immersed in history.

Learning outside the classroom is always fun but what happens when you get back to the classroom? What if the buses are early or late? There is only 15 minutes before the next class or dismissal and the kids are bouncing off the walls. This is what happened after the field trip I attended. I was so thankful that I planned ahead, and the students really enjoyed the activity. Would it be okay to ask them to pull out a piece of paper and write this, of course, but this was so easy. (Sub note:  When I was a sub, I always tried to bring one activity like this with me. Most of the time I didn't have time to use them but it was nice to have them in case.)

Back to the field trip: the buses arrived back to school 20 minutes early. On the bus ride, kids brought books and read. I noticed that their reading brains were ready to bust. So enter, the mini field trip report. I modeled the activity on the board (Sub Note: I sometimes use my phone to look up and share, "I can...," grade level common core standards with students before we start activities.) I think for this grade, we looked at working on punctuation, handwriting, capitalization, and verbs. The teacher in this classroom is an AWESOME teacher! She already had the daily standards on the board, so we used those to guide us. We brainstormed a few key-terms, I turned on some "thinking music," and then they got to work. WOW! Students are awesome aren't they? I was impressed with how focused they were. It was fun to see the pictures they decided to draw.

When they were finished, they could turn it over and write a math word problems using items they saw during the field trip, or write a poem. I modeled these choices when explaining the sheet.

I created this activity to use after a 2nd grade field trip. Do you think you could use it for the grade you teach? I'd love to hear some feedback. This would also be a fun activity for a virtual field trip. I created this document the morning of the field trip in Word using free fonts, so it's nothing fancy. I wanted to put two reports to a page, to save ink, so they are kind of close together. (Yes, I'm cheap). I used scissors to cut five at a time, before the students came into the classroom and this worked great. Not sure if it would work well with a cutting board. (Is that even what they're called?)

This is the only item I have in my TPT store right now. I am planning on uploading and overhauling a few more items (freebies and cheap items) in the next few months, so please follow me if you'd like.

What do you do after field trips? Anything you'd like to see in my TpT store?

Comment below and let me know!

- Cara


Heather's Heart said...

Can you come be my sub??? I would love to have a sub like you. =)

I subbed for half a year after I graduated and before I got my own classroom. I learned so much! That is great that you plan ahead and bring things with you. I bet everyone wants you to be their sub. =)

I am happy to be your first official follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance.

Heather's Heart

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