Saturday, July 13, 2013

Common Core Bookmarks

Williamson County Schools - 

WCS hosted an open forum in the community and posted answered to questions on this site. 

Even if you are not a teacher, student, or parent within Williamson County (TN), Dr. Mike Looney, Superintendent, opens up on how Common Core will change schools.  

This list was useful for me to start seeing how administration and parents are reacting to Common Core and it's a useful site to look at and bookmark. 

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything- 

Everything (may I repeat, EVERYTHING) Common Core related for many different grades.
Lots and lots  of rubrics!

The Curriculum Corner - 

Oh, Curriculum Corner, how I love thee! Breaking down Common Core into teachable checklists, for most grades and subjects.

You've won my heart again because I love a good, "I Can..." printable list.

Pinterest - 

I try to keep the pinterest site updated with new ideas and you can find whatever you're looking for through search. I DO try and go to each page before I pin it to check for accuracy and usefulness.

Core Standards - 

For more information about the actual standards:


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